We belive your brands make new friends. We belive that your brand is not only a product. It's your interaction with community, an article about you in local newspapers, your presence on shopping malls shelves, your product reviews, a comment about you on Facebook. It's something shared with friends. It's hundreds of touch points that help you connect with your audience. Agency MITA Group brings all this together. Born in time of traditional media and shaped by digital and interactive times and ideas, mision of our communication agency is to provide perfect balance of technology, storytelling, design and strategy that will help yout brands make new friends.

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Operating since 1997 in Adriatic region and providing new and fresh ideas related to promotional strategies, counseling, design, TVC production, public relation and crisis communication, BTL and Event Management. Our experience in international agencies also helped us to adjust communication strategies and existing advertising campaigns to global advertising strategies. We are one of few companies that has shaped B&H and Adriatic advertising scene since 1997 to present.


Development of technology, rise of different social networks, fast-pasted communication among consumers and need for a fast response to such challenges made us aware of upcoming changes in the advertising business. We have created completely new business organization focused on communication with new media, social networks, upcoming trends and ways of communication. We adapt social media strategies to other communication channels therefore increasing efficiency for off- line or on-line campaigns. We believe that during next decade Content Management and PR way of thinking will dominate the world of advertising.


New media and social networks for us are not only a trend or an opportunity to try out new technology or develop a game that people would like to play. We look at social networks as indispensable channel that helps us to hear needs, comments and appraisals of our fans. On basis of those information we build strategies that nurture emotional bond between brands and consumers turning them into Brand Ambassadors, increasing awareness, loyalty and consequently sales.



Sometimes it takes just one word to create positive attitude about your product, brand or service. But sometimes just one word can create a crisis that should be treated in a right way before it gets to traditional media. Our strategies rely on in-depth research and knowledge of target audience, creative development of graphic or industrial standards, and deep knowledge of new technologies required for interactive solutions.


Social media strategy, consulting and education

Experience and constant research are required for in-depth knowledge of different target audiences:

Analysis of presence, tone and type of communication of competition and complementary producs/services (locally, regionally, worldwide)

Analysis of needs, requirements and behaviours of target audicence and opportunity to advertise on social networks

Selection of social networks in accordance with your business strategy and specific industry and development of suitable strategy

Optimisation, measurement and analysis of social network presence on a weekly, monthly and annual basis

Social media consulting & education on all aspects of advertising on social networks

Creative development and account management

Our experience in development, production and implementation of campaigns is based on thousands of campaigns delivered through traditional and digital media. Contemporary internet communication depends on:

Ideas that are contagious and worth sharing with friends

Visual solutions that are in accordance with graphic and communication standards

Facebook a WEB pages that take one step further and attract with their quality and simple content organization

Contextual refreshments that are based on visual solutions

Legal and logistic solutions for organization of prize games

Production of different promo materials

PR, crisis communication and reputation management

Our team of devoted, multi-lingual bloggers will use the experience of public relations and community managements to ensure bigger reach to target audience on social networks, web portals, blogs and forum. Crisis communication is happening so it is important to learn how to deal with crisis and learn something from it. For use, communication of crisis situation includes:

Development of crisis communication strategy and potential communication scenarios

Tackling sensitive issues

Preventing negative PR

Responding fast to media demands

Reputation management

Content management and 24/7 support

Weekly, monthly and annually content management plans are based on research and advertising strategies so that the picture of your brand could be built through creative, entertaining and interesting announcements.

We will develop, design and optimize your Page to appeal to your target audience, ensure great online content and experience and provide 24/7 service of posting, monitoring and responding. By using our services you will find that your social media presence has skyrocketed in number of followers/likes.

Web.Award.Me has awarded our work in 2012 with Best Facebook Page Award for our client dm. For more info please look at our Work.

Facebook ads optimization, google adwords, buying and management

Creating Facebook ads is fairly easy, and you can post it in just a few minutes. The problem though is that if you do it wrong you could find your adverts being pulled by Facebook, missing targets entirely, costing you a fortune or simply failing to generate any extra revenue.

Using Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories and Post Promotion we will help you set demographic targeting and put your message right in front of your exact target audience.

We will follow up your campaigns and optimize it according to Ads that have best CTR (click through rate) or achieve highest number of new fans, as well as recommend and control your daily budget.

Facebook application design and development

Applications are one of the most effective ways to unlock the full power of Facebook. Our team creates reliable, functional, optimized and creative applications that will ensure engagement with customers, integrate your business into the Facebook experience and drive sales. Whether your objective is to generate word of mouth, entertain or reward your fans our custom-made solutions are all you need to watch your audience and sales grow.

For more information about our application please look appssolut.


Understand the positioning
of a brand and its product
to develop an engagement strategy.
Build a community and
personally connect with the brand and each other.
Socialize with the community by
tapping into the viral nature of social networks.
Use the connection to influence
your network towards accomplishing your brand,
campaign and business goals.



  • 3 Offices
  • 30 Employees
  • 14 Awards
  • 500.000+ People we talk to daily
  • 55 Clients

We helped them to find new friends!

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world's biggest Facebook applications database.

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We Visited DMEXCO 2019

We Visited DMEXCO 2019

Nearly 400 different items on the agenda, around 1.000 exhibitors and many more visitors. We were also among them – ready to make new friends and to learn some new tricks. It was hard to keep track, but we managed to hear from many excellent speakers and take a look at all the stands in expo area.

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Facebook F8 Developers Conference Recap: Part 2

Facebook F8 Developers Conference Recap: Part 2

The second day of Facebook's F8 Developer Conference had a much greater focus on virtual reality and artificial intelligence than the first day. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook's Chief Technology Officer went on to open the conference by saying: "We're here to talk about the future, as the virtual reality gaming is coming this year".

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Facebook's F8 developers' conference recap: Part 1

Facebook's F8 developers' conference recap: Part 1

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg opened this year's F8 conference by mentioning the incredible progress the developer community has had since last year, stating that more than 30 million apps and sites have been built using Facebook tools and over 50 billion pieces of content was shared.

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What has changed for Social Media in February?

What has changed for Social Media in February?

February is the month of love and romance, but no, Facebook didn't introduce the Love Button or an option that makes everybody love you or your business. Still, some changes, not just on Facebook but on other social media as well, have happened and we're inviting you to join us for the read.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina elections - who can handle this?

Bosnia & Herzegovina elections - who can handle this?

For a PR expert in a country such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, handling an Election campaign can by far be the most challenging task they have had to face. We have 3.8 million inhabitants and 147 ministries. In total, 7,748 candidates from nearly 98 political subjects (50 parties, 24 coalitions and 24 independent candidates) put their names on the electoral lists. This means that every 400th citizen of the country has put his or her name on the candidates list.

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Are you ready to say goodbye to Fan Gate?

Are you ready to say goodbye to Fan Gate?

A few months ago Facebook announced that Fan Gates are going to be banned and that day has arrived. We will not be able to coerce users to like our pages if they want to enter a contest or use our app from November 5th. This feature was very useful if you wanted to increase number of fans in a short period of time. However, we believe that you don’t have any reason to worry regarding your future Facebook success, because there are many quality alternatives to get new fans and I will write about some of them.

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