Gorenje B&H Facebook page

Our successful story on the Gorenje B&H Facebook page has lasted from September 2012.

Currently on the Gorenje B&H Facebook page we communicate with almost 50,000 fans. Commitment of our fans tells us about our good relationship with both our fans and our clients. On daily basis this page shares attractive topics where you can find interesting tips about cooking and other housework activities, but most importantly, there you can find all information about Gorenje products.

Lately we successfully realized the Gorenje campaign "Sensation in white". We asked our fans to share their culinary skills with a professional chef Moreno Debartoli at Gorenje Event "Sensation in white". What our fans were supposed to do was to send his or her photo and recipe of the dish that would satisfy the basic theme : "Sensation in white" on the e-mail address pozivnicentar@gorenje.ba. The professional chef Moreno Debartoli chose two dishes that best responded to the topic: " Sensation in white“. Two fans whose photos were selected as the best had the honor to cook with the Hotel Bristol chef Moreno Debartoli at the Gorenje event "Sensation in white".

The second part of the campaign "Sensation in white" referred to the competition through photo application on Facebook - fans are supposed to upload the picture of their favorite white outfit in the application, invite friends to Like their photo and they were able to win one of the valuable daily , weekly or major awards. For a month, we received more than 20,000 new fans on the page and talking about in this period amounted to 9,000.