“All the secrets of my bag” and ljepota.ba

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This is where we talk about trends, things we love, we imagine the destinations to which we would like to go, we share positive emotions and petty secrets, in order to be happier and more beautiful.
In this spirit, an award game "All the secrets of my bag," was organized in the period from 27.6.2012. to 18.7.2012. The main (and only) task of this game for our fans was to upload a photo of content of their bags, invite their friends to vote for them, and collect as many votes as possible.
The primary objective was to reward our loyal readers for loyalty. Upon completion of the game, the three participants with the highest number of votes won valuable gifts in the form of a gift package Ultra Violet Perfume and necklace, and supporting two awards - Nivea gift packs.
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