Quick to attractive awards, with Dukat, Konzum and MITA Group!

If you are a part of the Facebook community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the past fifteen days, you had a chance to enjoy the award game, which was organized by Dukat and Konzum for their loyal fans.

In the period from 4 June to 17 June Dukat and Konzum urged all lovers of culinary art to awaken their imagination, with “Brzo i Fino” cream and win daily, weekly and grand prizes.
An easy to use application, in which users entered their recipes with photos of prepared dishes, was on the Facebook page Konzum Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than 5,900 new users joined the Facebook community Konzum Bosnia and Herzegovina during this award game, and the site now has over 17,800 fans.
Over 8,800 Facebook fans took part in the game, giving their votes to users who posted their recipes in the application.
Facebook pages Dukat BiH and Konzum Bosnia and Herzegovina are now richer for 50 new recipes of dishes made with the use of Brzo i fino cream, and as for us, we are richer for a new experience in creating a new interactive campaigns on Facebook.