Zdravo! – Education about healthy habits for 1,200 students from BiH

For company Nestlé Adriatic, we organized a second season of the “Zdravo!” project which aims to educate primary school students about healthy lifestyles, with a focus on proper nutrition and the importance of daily physical exercise.

On this occasion, in Sarajevo today was organized a press conference where the employees from Nestle presented results of this project and significant success that has been achieved in the pilot project, which trained 550 students, to be implemented in primary schools in Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica, two schools from Mostar and Čitluk and encompass 1,200 seventh grade students.
The project has received a positive opinion from the Ministry of Education and Science Federation and the Ministry of Education and Culture of RS, and one of the speakers at the conference was the Federal Minister of Education and Science, Damir Mašić. Athlete Amel Tuka, vice champion of Europe in the race at 800 meters, is a sports ambassador for this project.
After the official press conference, there was a symposium for teachers in selected schools will teach children the basic postulates of healthy living.