It was a day to remember, a successfull story that will be spoken about for a long time.

Our team had a mission to present to the BiH audience the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and point out all the advantages offered by this new mobile phone.

A large party was organized front of the Cathedral, where numerous surprises were organized for the passers.

The first surprise was the appearance of the popular Croatian group Colonia and their energetic singer Indira, who lifted all up on their feet and whose phenomenal energy no one could resist. Another surprise was the rewarding game, where four lucky winners won four newest Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phones.

Judging by the lines at Sasmung points and in BH Telecom store, we can conclude that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 definitely attracted attention with its amazing features. If you want to look how we ahd great time that day and who has won a new Samsung Galaxy S4,, take a look at our photo gallery.