MITA Group organized a Recycling day for ALTA shopping center

In early spring we got a brief for organizing an interesting event in ALTA shopping center about ecology. We gathered at the brainstorming session and the decision was made – we will do something about recycling.

With our youngest citizens and experts from the Academy of Arts, we tried to develop their awareness of the importance of preserving and controlled use of natural resources with emphasis on waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

Last weekend pupils from elementary schools from Sarajevo enjoyed at workshops about the ecology and recycling and made some creative clothing and items for everyday use. Children who have prepared the best works have won prizes, and all the schools that participated in the project were given the honors and marks Recycle Friendly School. After that we organized an interesting auction.

Kids also helped their peers from the Children’s Home Bjelave, because the money colected at the auction, went right to them.

We contacted the Children’s Home Bjelave and we were delighted by the news, they are ready for sea and that they need balls, sunscreen and similar things that are needed for the holidays. We have completed shopping (we didn’t left out sweets) and went to Bjelave, where we had such a welcome, that we simply did not want to leave.

We look forward to the next project and look forward to our next gathering with our friends from the Children’s Home Bjelave. We hope that we have helped children to improve their knowledge about recycling and that we will organize similar projects in the future.