Another successful story from MITA Group and Intesa Sanpaolo

Last weekend bank members of Intesa Sanpaolo from ten countries organized sport events for their employees in Sarajevo.

Planning and implementation of the project were the main tasks for MITA Group and its expert team. Olympic centre Zetra and auxiliary stadium KoŇ°evo were a place were nearly 400 athletes competed in basketball (men and women), volleyball (women) and football. All of them were seated at the hotel Holiday Inn. Besides these sports events, hosts have organized a tour and a short introduction with cultural and historic heritage of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank has entrusted the organization of some of the most vulnerable parts of the project such as the two-day catering service for nearly 400 people during the sports games, full ambient branding of Zetra hall, transport of VIP and other guests. Additionally, to the expert team of the Agency was entrusted the technical organization of the Hungarian rock group concert ReCibrok at the Congress Hall of the Hotel Holiday Inn.