For the last two years, we have been providing social media management and content creation for Sparkasse Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Facebook page, Instagram profile, and LinkedIn profile. In addition to publishing posts and communication with fans and followers, we also organize sweepstakes for the client, and one of them is dedicated to the "World Car Free Day", which is celebrated on the last day of the European Mobility Week.

In order to introduce the topic to Sparkasse's followers, we have also prepared a series of posts that informed fans about the European Mobility Week. We did it in an interesting way which emphasised the importance of environmental protection.

Thanks to the PWG, the total number of fans on Facebook increased by 716. In addition to new fans, we also increased engagement with 2,900 reactions, 4,800 comments and 2,000 shares. We also reached 441,000 unique users through this promotion.

The key to success of this PWG was, not only teaser campaign, but also the value and popularity of the prize. The use of electric scooters peaked in popularity at the time of the organization of the PWG and the XIAOMI m365 electric scooter was an ideal gift and provoked great fan reactions, and thus the results we achieved.