Media Boot Camp

Media Boot Camp was organized for high school students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the E4U Outreach to high school students project.

During the three days, the participants had the opportunity to acquire knowledge from lecturers such as Rambo Amadeus, Zenit Djozic and Vladimir Djukelic about video production and creativity, designing STBs for video clips, editing, promotion, media campaign, social media.

After the lecture, the participants were divided into teams, each having the opportunity to produce their creative video on the following topics: peer violence, hate speech, youth mobility, brain drain and the economic and educational system in BiH. The top five teams were selected, who later implemented their ideas and recorded their video stories.

As part of the Media Boot Camp, our team has prepared everything necessary for holding a three-day conference, lectures and workshops, and provided the hospitality for 65 young people from all over BiH. In addition to the educational part, Media Boot Camp was aimed at socializing and getting to know each other better. An integral part of Media Boot Camp was the organization of additional activities for students, as well as a special goodbye party.

Watch aftermovie on this link.