Raising Awareness of Citizens and Governments on EU Policy Priorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Another successfully completed EUSR project, The main objective of the project was to facilitate the political process in BiH with a view to building self-sustaining peace and stability and helping the country to move beyond peace implementation towards European integration.

MITA Group was, as usual, at the height of the task and to the great satisfaction of the EUSR representatives. We successfully organized 9 thematic events/public debates that took place in different small communities across BiH, like the Čajniče, Nevesinje, Grude. The events were very well attended and we had over 800 participants present at the debates and final event. The organization of the final event marked the successful implementation of the project. The MITA Group team also successfully finalized the Media Campaign, PR, and social media campaign. The project lasted for 5 months.