School of Economics and Business: Women in Business

We are particularly proud of projects that have noble and socially beneficial goals. One of these was implemented in cooperation with the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo, called Women in Business, funded by the Danube Transnational Program.

This program lasted for 30 months, during which great opportunities were offered for further education for young entrepreneurs and those who are about to become. The main objective of the project was to encourage young women in the Danube Region to start their own businesses and achieve market success, through:

  • identifying the needs, barriers young women face when trying to run their own businesses;
  • improving policies that will meet the entrepreneurial needs of young women;
  • improving the entrepreneurial culture, skills and competences of young women.

The crown of this project was a three-day workshop / conference, organized by our team, and where we had the opportunity to meet many successful entrepreneurs who were able to start their own entrepreneurship in their own country. In addition, we met many great lecturers who brought their knowledge and experience to this fantastic conference.

The conference was conceived as a relaxed learning and socializing in a creative atmosphere, so we did our best to make it so. The lectures were held partly in the premises of the Faculty of Economics and partly in the garden of the Kutcha facility, in a meadow among flowers and trees. Catering was taken care of by our trusted associate, Bonjour, and the complete atmosphere was complemented by delicious, healthy and creative, salty, sweet and fruity delicacies.