The world remains on young people, but young people need to be trusted and given opportunities to learn, to thrive, to show what they know and what they want.

The EUSR has been organizing the E4U project in Bosnia and Herzegovina for several years, and this year, the MITA Group team had the opportunity to show and prove how much they know and love the work they do.

From start to finish, in collaboration with EUSR and the BiH Network, we designed, implemented and finalized a project for high school students from across BiH, called “Outreach to high school students”. After researching and listening to what is most affecting the youth of this country, 5 topics were selected, which will cover the whole story: hate speech, brain drain, youth mobility, economic and educational system in BiH, and peer violence.

After gathering young people from all over BiH for a three-day workshop, we provided them with lectures from the biggest experts, who helped them create media campaigns and video stories on given topics. They devotedly and diligently worked, wrote, designed and created their video stories, while meeting, socializing and breaking down all the barriers that they could not live together and they are different. The top five teams, consisting of students from different parts of BiH, were selected and they embarked on the adventure of recording their video stories and fighting to win and go to Brussels.

We have shooted, day after day, in studios, on bridges, in schools, in parks ... then edited, and then released to the public so everyone could watch and rate all the video stories. The competition was announced on the E4U FB page and voting was enabled through a custom made application. All the video stories were extremely good and creative, and the winner was selected by the little things. We, as a team that worked with students on every detail, every video story, were emotionally attached to every video and every actor,… But like every competition, this had to be crowned the best. The ZDDGV team took that title, with the video story “Brain drain”, and got the opportunity to travel to Brussels and there to present their video in the EU institutions.

But as in the best and most positive stories always something extra happen like it does not in some other, ordinary stories: this time, the trip to Brussels was enabled for the second-ranked team, as well as for the one representative from all other teams. We accompanied them and welcomed them back, after 5 days.

One thing is for sure, all participants will remember for a long time and retell anecdotes and keep in heart beautiful and emotional moments where everyone, no matter where they come from, worked and socialized as one, laughed from the heart and cried when the time came separation.

Some stories remain especially at the heart of our team, and this is certainly one of them.