They say that artificial intelligence (AI) will the basis for daily business development in the future. And that it will change the world around us for the better. AI is expanding and progressing every day, the new year surely will bring us new novelties that will make life on earth new and exciting.

In the last few years, AI has moved away from science fiction domains and has become an element of everyday life. 

So, why wait for the future, why not step into the exciting world of change, new technologies and communication capabilities? Why not be among the first to change history? 

Our Huawei Mate Pro 10 promotion has answered many of these questions. 

Over a 100 attendees were treated to a phenomenal view of Sarajevo while being entertained by the exceptional Tijana Dapcevic to celebrate the smartphone from the future.

Seek Huawei Mate Pro 10, be a part of the communication revolution.