Launch and promotion of new brand KULIN and their 100% fruit, juices  

For our client ZERAA we had the enormous task of launching and promoting the new brand KULIN, a 100% fruit juice line without the bad stuff.

 Agency MITA Group had devised a whole story that had supported the KULIN launch, which represents a healthy lifestyle as well as the high quality of a new domestic product. 

With this campaign we have won the hearts of all our consumers who are delighted by the quality of cherry, strawberry, orange, apple and peach flavours, as well as the success of the campaign. The Agency has organized 87 BTL promotions at 53 stockists in Bosnia and Herzegovina! But, of course, this is not the end, because in the next period, Mita Group and the now already recognizable brand KULIN, will continue to collaborate where we will also promote 100% natural jams KULIN!