Merkur Insurance presents a new concept of operations, thanks to re-branding and innovative new projects.

With a charming and humorous touch, host Tarik Filipovic entertained the attending guests of the evening. Thanks to Merkur’s free swimming school, the biggest applause was given to the boys and girls from Sarajevo, who with the help of their older classmates formed the new logo for Merkur Insurance.

Before numerous guests, clients, media representatives and partner companies who gathered at the Olympic swimming pool ‘Otoka’ in Sarajevo, Merkur Insurance successfully presented their new concept for business. In addition to the visual and structural rebranding, Merkur Insurance presented their innovative services and packages for clients, with the clear message that Merkur Insurance provides a sustainable and joyful life. 

A well-thought out sport program ‘Merkur Insurance for kids on the move’, insures free swimming and skiing lessons for all children from the SOS Kinder Dorf Village in Sarajevo.