Happy 8th of March – iNovine contest

If there were no women, a diamond would just be an ordinary stone. (Victor Hugo)

Considering that female fans outnumbered male fans on the Facebook page of our client iNovine, we had to come up with an appropriate way to commemorate their special day; International Women's Day. With this we also created and organized a contest named 'Happy 8th of March'. It is clear that women need to be shown love, attention and respect, but especially on the 8th of March we have to be extra attentive and giving. We took all these elements into consideration when we started the Facebook campaign for iNovine.

With the help of our unique appssolut drag&drop application all participants were asked to create their own special greeting card for International Women's Day. We placed no limitations on this contest as our intentions were to have everyone participate, this included men as well who could have gone in the draw to win a prize for their other half. With a variety of participants, our third winner was in fact a male, who presented his award to his wife.
In just two weeks, 112 creative greeting cards were uploaded, the authors of these cards fought very hard for the winning prize. What winning prize? Of course, a favourite amongst all women; shopping sprees at selected stores. Our happy iNovine community in just 13 days accumulated 1,182 new fans, who we can't wait to hang out with!