Go Vampire Sweepstakes on happy Page

A good idea that can make a successful campaign doesn't have to be expensive and to prove it we bring you our latest successful story of happy page.

When we took over happy page it had only 825 fans and today, merely month and a half later we are richer for 13.424 new friends with who we hang out daily.

If you want to ruin someone's day tell him a bad story of some things that are impossible, that can't be done, that nothing is available, that it's expensive or it will go wrong... Negative stories are a part of our daily lives. We listen to them in media every day, on the streets, sometimes on coffees with friends. Unfortunately, we can conclude that those stories usually dominate and that those good successful stories are hard to come across. That is the reason why we enjoy our work so much: in review and execution of projects that bring smiles to our clients' faces and connect their brands with thousands of friends whose needs are met and with who they communicate daily.

For our fans we created a special assignment. Since we know that they love TV series The Vampire Diaries and the Happy Time Show, we asked them to upload a photo of themselves or their gang in a vampire edition on a specially designed Facebook Photo Competition application (http://www.appssolut.com/application/1/photo-competition). We are amazed by their creativity and they have truly left us breathless with their outfits.

Doing the work we love in a best way we know, we believe that we bring positive things into our daily lives. We look forward to further collaboration with our happy client, to organizing more sweepstakes and widening the circle of friends who will see this site as a pleasant place to hang out and maybe make new friendships.