The Last weekend was reserved for the, long-awaited, WE LUMIA party. All those who decided to enter the WE LUMIA adventure, were enjoying the all-night-long party.

This party was a sort of promotional event focusing the NOKIA models Lumia 1020, Lumia 925, and Lumia 520, and we are honored that we were given the chance to be the main organizer of the event which was sponsored by our clients BH telecom and NOKIA.  

Two weeks before the main event, we have organized an interesting BTL activity while delivering the invitations to all potential visitors. The party was complemented by the DJ performances such as Dennis Ferrer, Andre Hommen, Oxia, with the support of the local DJs, such as Bonjasky, Toni Juranović, Megahertz, Borg and Rimaad.

Beside enjoying the music spectacle, visitors could have had a free download of the all above mentioned DJ's music and participate in the LOW LIGHT photo competition in which they could win a mobile phone NOKIA Lumia 1020!