Argeta – Approved by Moms

One of the more interesting projects in the region recently for sure has been the Approved by Moms Project.

Droga Kolinska Company, member of Atlantic Group, largest European pate manufacturer and our longtime client has decided to, in a very special manner, prove the superior quality of its Argeta pate, which is the result of the carefully chosen ingredients, continuous development and accenting of consumer satisfaction. To a very thorough tour of the factory, process of production and ingredients sorting they've invited the toughest judges and quality inspectors in the area of family nutrition – moms. For the inspector like factory examination signed up 1413 moms from the entire region. The campaign went on simultaneously on Facebook where the results and activities of the chosen moms where published daily. What was at the beginning conceived as a beautiful project in which our long- time client should have rewarded mums for their fidelity has quickly turned into crisis communication that has spread through social networks with a lightning speed. Bloggers from Serbia were united in the idea that the complete campaign has been a deceit and that the consumers in this case have been damaged. The task before our agency which is known for its long time successful overcoming of different crisis situations was to prevent the spreading of negative comments about our client and brand Argeta and to save campaign so we could successfully lead it to its realization, which we gladly did. We won't go into the details on how we did it will suffice to say that the campaign was successfully realized until the very end and at the end of the last year we made another socially responsible campaign with Argeta mums in the leading role. Our three Argeta mums have suggested one humanitarian organization from B&H to which was donated a 1000 euros each and their choice was presented on Argeta B&H Facebook page. To our dear client we insured more than 12.000 new fans in B&H and 10.000 in Serbia, which means that our industrious team has gathered more than 22.000 fans.
All 18 moms from six different markets signed a plaque confirming that Argeta is the product of high quality and trust worthy. Hence, Argeta got the seal „Approved by Moms“.