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appssolut is the place where you can find simple solutions for building powerful Facebook Pages.

MITA Group is the exclusive partner of appssolut, platform perfect for small and medium business owners, who want to grow their Facebook Page fan bases, engage their fans and design beautiful Pages. If you are one of them, it’s time to enjoy easy to use and cost effective Facebook applications without any need for coding or designing skills.

Simplicity is what members of appssolut team are aiming for. That’s why they have developed different searching mechanisms to help you find your perfect application. Each application can be found on website in the Application Page section. You can search desired Facebook applications by “industry” or “application type”.

However, if you know exactly what goals your Facebook application needs to achieve, then you should look for the perfect application in one of our two segments:

- Build Fan Base
- Engage Your Fans

Once you find the perfect one, use our TRY FOR FREE option and see live version of selected application.No credit card information is required for trial version. Just log in to the admin panel and edit or create your own Facebook application within few minutes.

If you need any additional social media strategy advices, contact appssolut team at and your personal account will help you develop successful Facebook Page.