PepsiCo - Clipsy and Pardon

It's privilege for us to have the opportunity to lead a Global pages for Pardon and Clipsy brands, products of PepsiCo company. This successful story began in June 2013.

Pardon – Samo izvolite!

Our successful Pardon Facebook story started in June 2013. Conveying all the values and characteristics of the brand Pardon, we needed only  couple of months to create a fanbase of over 59.000 fans who know that on the Pardon Facebook page they can find all the information about the brand, have a nice time hanging out with other fans, look for inspiration on how to spend their free time, go through the small school of good manners, and be rewarded for their loyalty. Samo izvolite! slogan is what we take when it comes to Pardon Facebook page - there is a place for those who know how to recognize value of the Pardon brand.