Should we judge book by its covers?

Making personal and business decisions marked the end of 2012. One of business decisions was to start writing a blog.

I work in marketing industry for past 10 years and I read interesting advertising blogs, but unlike my colleague Ermin who was apparently blogging even as a student, I never wrote one :)

So, this is my first blog. And I am bit nervous about it, although I shouldn’t be because I always thought that writing is one of my stronger skills. I wrote diaries, loved reading books and writing reports about them and worked as a Copywriter as well. What to write about was my first dilemma. Of course, people write about topics that are related to their profession. But unlike other agency positions being an Account Director means that you are not focused on a specific area of business. Accounts “meddle” in different things. I work closely with Creative Department, but also with Media Department. Wait a minute, I also collaborate with PR Department and find Social Networks very interesting as well. So, what should I write about?

So, still without a clue about my first blog topic, I went to my weekly grocery shopping in one large shopping mall. I usually carry a shopping list and buy only usual products and trusted brands. But this time I purchased yoghurt that we haven’t tried before. Local product from small town called Celice. Name of the company: Milch Product Smajić. I consider myself to be a strong supporter of local products but if something is of poor quality I wouldn’t buy it even if it was produced by my own family. I am aware that good packaging design does not guarantee equally good product and that «the book should not be judged by its covers» but I react to good packaging design.

In time when consumers are very sensitive to the appearance of a product and when «covers» significantly influence their purchase decisions it is of little use to remember these old wisdoms. I struggle with myself every time I need to buy fabric softener. I realized that Mercator softener brand is the same as the one we know and purchase under brand name Duel. Softener made by Mercator has poor design unlike Duel who can visually match any other worldwide brand.

But, let’s go back to Smajić yoghurt. I recommend it strongly. It is THE best yoghurt on this market, perfectly tasty and creamy. But, what about packaging design? As you can presume it is so bad that I still wonder how did I notice it in the first place. In that situation, as always, I ask myself why do BH producers pay so little attention to this part of their business? Is marketing still considered to be unnecessary spending or they really don’t have money to pay for design of visual identity, logo or packaging design? Do they believe that our citizens do not deserve nice packaging or maybe we are not as good as consumers in Serbia or Croatia? Why do neighborhood countries have strong brands, and we don’t? I presume the easiest thing would be to blame the war for this as well.

Packaging design is an important element in communication between product/producer  market/consumer. Without recognizable shape, color, logo, lines or photos purchase in shopping malls would be a nightmare. Therefore, packaging design is important because it attracts the attention, provides information about product and help consumers made their purchase decision. Yoghurt made by Smajic is really good but their 1l packaging design is… unattractive, to say the least. I am sure that better design, and many other marketing activities, would significantly increase sale. So, to put the money where my mouth is I invite the owner of Milk Factory Smajic to contact us (e-mail: if ever decides to redesign his packaging. We promise 70% discount on our services :)