Interactive Content: Ways and techniques to start the dialogue and wow your audience

Looking for a dynamic way to package your content, deliver new value to your audience and ensure your fans are interacting with your Facebook Page and your brand? Want to take your fan engagement level above the usual "Read this" or "Watch this" passive content and do it so that it is still effective for your business?

Read on.

If marketing has one goal – it is to reach the customer at the moment they are making the purchase decision and most open for influence. As the consumer decision process has changed and shifted away from one-way towards a two-way conversation, companies struggle to reinvent the way they influence the decision-making process.

Below are some techniques and ways you can fit interactive content marketing into your marketing mix for creating just the buzz you're craving for. Start a conversation, promote your brand, get your fans directly involved and finally: change your business for the better. And if you add a prize or two in the process - it won't hurt, as there is no better way to start a conversation with your fans than to present them with a reward.

Still scratching your head? Don't worry, just keep on reading.

DemandGen Report’s 2015 Content Preferences Survey found that 91% of customers prefer accessing interactive or visual content on demand. This means that your audience prefers a dialogue: a value based interaction with your brand, instead of a monologue that is merely conveying a static message.

1) Game on!

If you're not entirely sure how to get started with interactive content, running a game on your Facebook page is a great start. Games go as far as interactive content possibly can and they give page administrators the ability to deliver value to their audience along the purchase funnel. They allow you to play around with brand related themes and motives, whilst letting your content speak for you.

2) Quizzes and Tests

Take a closer look into what your fans know and don’t know about your brand so you can decide on an appropriate content strategy in the future. Knowledge Test app is an excellent way to introduce a new product and gain insight into the level of knowledge your current customer has about your brand. Bonus tip: give them an opportunity to promote their results on all their social sites for greater exposure.

3) Contests

Contests give your fans opportunities to not only engage with your brand, but with each other as well. They work in a similar fashion as quizzes, but open up a new possibility of user-generated data. Users upload their own content and compete with each other for a prize. Contests are the preferred strategy for lead generation, since users are asked to provide information at the very start before entering the contest.

Up until recently, producing interactive content required custom development: designer and coding skills, which made it technically complex, and…well – expensive. However, appssolut platform offers businesses tools to create Facebook page applications that are easy to use, affordable and customizable.

Therefore, no matter what approach your company decides to go with, it is essential to understand that building a dialogue with your audience through interactive content is of exceptional value for both your organization and your customers. Decide if the next step will be redirecting them to your company's website, following-up on them with an e-mail or having someone from the sales team make a call.

The goal is to guide your customers more efficiently through the purchase funnel and capitalize on the information you gathered, rather than just serving them the usual disposable, passive and over-re-purposed content they are fed up with.