Social Media Managers and organic reach

The ever changing social media market is what makes Social Media Managers and persosn engaged in social networks to learn on daily bases and to keep up to date with all news, to monitor trends and fin a way to improve themselves, their knowledge and work they do.

The nature of the work makes us to think about ways we can improve content we publish, how to reach out to fans and Facebook users in large numbers, in order to increase the involvement of fans and to ultimately make the customer happy.

Here are a few things I have learned lately, but also the ones I knew, but I forgot them, I hope that it will be useful to you.

The Change of Facebook algorithms and decline of organic reach 

The changes that Facebook made to algorithms for displaying content in the News feed of users, are forcing us to find ways to reach out to as many fans and Facebook users as possbile. As the only logical solution imposed sponsored posts and facebook ads. But that's not the only solution.

How to increase organic reach? 

• There is no need to reduce the number of posts that are being published, as the reduction activities on the site are not causing an increase in reach. Posts should be published at least once a day. 

• Posts in the form of links and status have a bigger reach than other posts. 

• We're too obsessed with the reach - as much as reach is important to us, it is not the only indicator of the state, there's a lot factors that we need to think about. 

• Constantly invite fans to take action and do not overlook the importance of encouraging interaction with fans. 

• Use the Check-in option, invite fans to Check in. There is a worldwide trend whcih everyone got crazy about. The restaurants offer free food if you make a picture of dishes you ordered and check in the house. This is a solid proof that genius lies in simplicity. 

• Request the opinion of your fans about what content they want to see on Facebook, what company / client can do to improve a particular service, to seek their opinion on the brand, company, services ..... 

• Integration of other social networks, that is a total hit in the world, and the region, why don't we make it cool here? 


We all know that Facebook has changed the appearance of the Timeline and that is why we need to consider how the new look can be better utilized, therefore special attention should be paid to the advantages offered by a cover photo. Promotion of your own and recognizable hashtag on cover photos, whether it refers to some action by the brand which is makes the client recognizable or the company itself. For certain clients who have not paid attention to the promotion through the cover photo  we have to use this option - design, promotion and advertising through cover photos when it comes to special promotions and offers, new products and services.

Facebook ads and sponsored posts sometimes come in the shape of a nightmare, but when it comes to paid advertising, we have to take care of a few things. First things first - photography for Facebook Ads - Facebook users are most attracted by  pictures that represent a person, entity or concrete product and service, as well as ads that link to a video. When it comes to  targeting we should take into consideration the demographics of fans, as well as whether they use Facebook on mobile phones. 

If you use Facebook apps, do not forget that you should use as many as possible Vote for applications, because fans like to feel important when it comes to brends or companies which they trust to. They should be given the opportunity to feel that their voice is important, as well as their opinion – use the application of choice of products, it can be used to vote for product on sale on sale, the top product of the month ... We should be mindful of the seasons, 12 months - 12 applications, contests each month and certain time of the year and holidays. The new position of applications on Timeline which are more visible to fans should be used, to improve the site by introducing new applications. 

Until my next writing I wish you many successful Facebook storys and do not forget to stay in trend, because social networks are changing every day. ;)